Abeokuta North

African Church Grammar School, Ita Iyalode Abeokuta (Q3 2020 Project)

TThe importance of education cannot be overemphasized as development thrives on literacy, that is why the Newly constructed one block of 3 Classrooms was facilitated by Rep Olumide Babatunde Osoba at African Church Grammar School, Ita Iyalode Abeokuta. The objective of the project among others, is to improve learning in Secondary schools. .

Ansar -Ur-Deen Grammar School, Isaga Orile (Q3 2020 Project)

This is a Newly installed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre at Ansar -Ur-Deen Grammar School, Isaga Orile, Abeokuta North Local Government facilitated by Rep. Olumide Babatunde Osoba. The centre is fully equipped with; 40 Desktop computers, Two Teacher's laptops, Electronic Interactive WhiteBoard, Projector, Solar powered inverter and Internet server The objective of the project among others, is to improve the learning and research in Secondary schools. .

African Church Primary school Owu (Q3 2020 Project)

Public schools at all levels in Ogun State education system are generally believed to have inadequate/poor resources for teaching and learning than their private counterpart but Hon Olumide is ready to bridge this gap with his "School Rehabilitation and Renovation Programme with a Newly Constructed One Block of 3 Classrooms at African Church Primary school Owu Ita-Iyalode, Totoro/Sokori Ward 11 of Abeokuta North Local Government facilitated by Rep Olumide Babatunde Osoba.

Oke Ona United Primary School

The regrettable narrative in the educational sector in Ogun state may soon be a thing of the past as we work on refurbishing broken class rooms and building new ones. We successfully completed and commissioned blocks of classrooms for Oke Ona United Primary School, Iberekodo.

Solar-Powered Street Lights

Street lights are a fundamental component of any city's infrastructure, providing safety and security benefits to communities and businesses. That is why Rep Olumide Osoba has delivered and installed solar-powered street lights in the following locations in Abeokuta North Local Government:
10 Installed in Elega
16 Installed in Lafenwa Afonta
10 Installed in Iberekodo
10 Installed in Olomore/Ita Oshin
8 Installed in Imala /Idi Emi

Market Women Financial Empowerment

Many families rely on women to care for them and to provide basic necessities for survival. Women’s empowerment, especially market women, is essential in any society to achieve good nutrition and sustainable and resilient livelihoods. In recognition of this, a hundred market women (100) in each Local Government in all 38 wards of the Federal Constituency received funds to boost their sources of livelihood to support their families.

Youth Financial Support

For Youths on Entrepreneurship Acquisition, funds were disbursed to 25 youths for development of their existing businesses in all 38 wards in the Federal Constituency.

Youth Development and Empowerment

On Youth Development & Empowerment, 50 participants from in each Local Government in all 38 wards of the Federal Constituency were dutifully trained on how to draw business proposals/plans, and how to make promotions on social media.

People Empowerment Programme

At the town hall meeting over a hundred and fifty men, women and youths were empowered with equipment such as Sewing Machines, Motorcycles, Deep Freezers, Grinding Machines for self-sustenance and sufficiency.

St Luke's Anglican Nur and Pry School

The role of primary education is to ensure the development of children who are the leaders of tomorrow. That being said, two blocks of classrooms were newly constructed at St Luke's Anglican Nursery and Primary School Ibarra- Orile , Abeokuta North LG to aid growth and development.

Covid 19 Palliatives

The effect of Covid 19 was harsh on the economy, which translated to some hardship for the common man. Palliatives were given in the form of electronic funds transfers to indigents, poor and aged people to ease hardship and cushion the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic in the month of April and May.